Pin Up


If you like to dress up in costume, this one is for you! All you need is the right outfit and attitude. Choose from an array of solid color backgrounds to set the retro tone. And don’t forget the lipstick!

Fashion Magazine

Get ready to look straight into the camera. Eye contact and a good dose of confidence required to pull off this look. Tousled hair provided free of charge.


This is for the bride-to-be looking to capture the sensuality of her wedding night as a surprise for her significant other. Bring your wedding lingerie, garter, stockings and veil, or anything else you choose to reveal.

Artistic Nude

As the title suggests, you will need to shed your clothes for this one. But the end result is an artful image that blends light and shape beautifully. Often shot in black and white.


Country girl, sexy sporty, provocative patriot, hot nerd, bad girl, and bohemian chick. Bring your props and your inspiration, we’ll add the artistic direction.

Classic Boudoir

The French term translates to a woman’s bedroom. Choose classic boudoir if you want to recreate your most private setting. Grab your best lingerie, an oversized t-shirt, or even your man’s best dress shirt and tie, whatever goes on behind your closed doors.